Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

One of the greatest and most treasured experiences in our lives is having children. They're born and suddenly a new life has begun. Not just the child's life, but our life as well. We hold them, love them and watch them grow. But it all happens so fast. That first year can fly by in no time, and then there goes the second and the third. It's wonderful, but a bit sad at the same time. We often want to capture those moments and hold onto them for all eternity. This, however, can be quite the magic trick to accomplish. One device that we do have at our disposal is the camera. It's imperative if you have a child. Then there is the often dismissed baby time capsule. You may or may not have pondered doing this. Let me be the first to tell you that it's a great experience. And not just for the parent.

I can remember when my daughter was born as if it were yesterday. I'm not going to lie about it; sometimes I wish it were. She's grown so fast and the years just fly by. If I could only have her back at age three again, even for a day. This would make my world. Although we don't think about it at the time, those moments are extraordinary and unforgettable. They make me happy and sometimes sad at the same time. However, that's the way life goes. Nothing is forever, and we all grow up and old. Then again, you still have items and memories that can last you a lifetime. A baby time capsule is always a great idea. This is something any parent can concoct at any time. Maybe you wish to do it in the first year of your child's life or maybe you wish to do it sooner. Then you can wait until your child is grown to dig it back up or pull it from its hiding spot. Show the baby time capsule to your child since it's a piece of them. Let them enjoy the reminiscing with you.

It truly doesn't take much to create a baby time capsule. All you need are some basic supplies. First you'll want a weather-proof container. Be sure it closes air-tight if you're going to bury it. Then place the memorabilia items inside. This is totally up to you. Maybe it's their first pair of shoes or maybe it's a toy they loved. Either way, that baby time capsule will be special when you dig it back up and remember.