Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

There are plenty of animal lovers in the world today. Is this a true statement? Hmm, I'm not so certain it is. Sure, you may say a kitten is cute or a dog is fun to play with, but would you be willing to take care of one? This is the true test. If you think the dirty work of caring for an animal day in and day out is a pain in your butt, then you're probably not so much of an animal lover. If you were, you'd want a special pet in your life. Trust me; there are plenty of animals for adoption all over America. I adopted three cats from the Humane Society a couple years back. I just thought this made more sense than going to a mall pet store and purchasing one for 500 bucks. There are so many, who are stuck in shelters, just waiting for someone to come and adopt them. Do you have the heart?

Okay, let's be blunt, shall we. When it comes to animals for adoption or animals for sale in a pet store, there is one thing they both have in common. Do you want to know what it is? Of course you do! They require a great deal of care. Care includes feeding, playing, walking or changing a litter box, and of course paying. Yep, those vet bills can get pretty hairy. No pun intended. Cats and dogs require routine yearly check-ups, and quality food. That means no Meow Mix or garbage from the Dollar Store. You'll want to purchase the high quality food such as Science Diet or Nutro. This will prevail where their health is concerned. You'll also notice how much nicer their coat looks. You do get what you pay for. So remember when you consider those innocent, little animals for adoption in the Humane Society, don't forget all the work involved. Loving your pet in the right way is imperative.

In all truth, I have never encountered such a variety of cats and dogs like I did in the Humane Society location near us. If you would like to do a little window shopping with animals for adoption, I highly suggest your local Humane Society. Each cat cost me 50 dollars and they'd already had their shots. However, they were only 6 or 8 weeks old, so they were not fixed yet. But, the Humane Society did give us a discount on these procedures. It all worked out well with our animals for adoption.