Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

I knew that I was an allergy sufferer, but I did not know how bad it could be. Yes, my throat would get scratchy when the season changed. My eyes would itch and my nose would run a little bit, but I had been putting up with it all for so long that I hardly even noticed. What I did not know was that my allergies were the reason why I got sick so frequently. I came down with colds and flus several times a year. If a friend had not convinced me to get an allergy mattress cover, I would never have found out that I did not have to get sick.

If you have never seen allergy mattress covers, you might be picturing something complicated and high tech, but in reality they are really very simple. An allergy mattress cover is basically an impermeably sheet that goes directly over your mattress to stop dust mites from getting through. It is a screen with tiny holes in it, big enough to breathe but small enough to block out allergens. You might not realize how much of a difference a hypoallergenic mattress cover makes, but for those of us who suffer allergies it can be huge. Since I got my allergy mattress cover, I have felt healthier, happier, and more full of energy than ever before.

We spend eight hours sleeping every night. During all that time, we are breathing in dust that gathers on our beds. We can minimize this exposure by washing our bedsheets regularly and vacuuming our beds, but this doesn't do enough. An allergy mattress cover is the only way to stop dust from gathering deep inside the bed. If dust gathers, the dust mites feed on it and produce allergens. When you toss or turn on your bed, it sends the dust up into the air, causing allergies. An allergy mattress cover traps the dust, stopping it from getting to you. In addition, the allergy mattress cover stops more dust from gathering in the mattress. It really is a simple, elegant device.

If you get an allergy mattress cover, keep in mind that it is no substitute for a good standard of cleanliness. If you have allergies, you should wash your sheets and blankets every week. The allergy mattress cover will stop the dust that is in the mattress, but not the dust that is in the blankets. You have to take care of that dust yourself.