Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

Getting back into shape after being overweight for a long period of time or after giving birth to a child can be quite demanding and tedious. There is generally a long way to go at this point. If your main concern is excess fat, then your primary focus should be cardio and aerobic systems. It's often easier to wait one the weights. I say this only because once you begin weight training; you will start putting on pounds. Granted these are muscle pounds, which are great. But, tackling cardio exclusively in the beginning can be the most efficient route. Shed the extra fat and then proceed to the strength building. It's a process.

About a year ago, my wife finally decided to crack down and discard her extra body fat. She has given birth to three children; therefore it's only natural for her to have gained a few extra pounds. While she used to weigh around 110, she now weighs in at 128. At 5'4" this isn't that bad if you ask me. Her basic goal is to get back to 110. She immediately wanted a personal trainer. He had her start with cardio aerobic systems and light weight training. She really enjoyed the strenuous workouts and felt good about what she was doing. Unfortunately a few weeks down the road she hadn't dropped any weight yet. Hmm, what could be going wrong? She was dieting properly and consuming plenty of water and sleep. By now she should have shed about five pounds. Then we realized she was gaining muscle. This is when I spoke with a female personal trainer. She informed me that she was in the exact same spot my wife is a few years ago. For her, aerobic systems were the core of her training at that time. It was all about diet, rest and cardio. No weights, period! After all, heavy cardio regimens are what suck off the excess fat. Once she had hit her target weight loss, she added a weight training routine for Toning. Well, at this point my wife swapped personal trainers and began a new regimen consisting of aerobic systems and cardio. Over the next couple months she regained the figure she was looking for.

Much comes down to your goals. Obviously if you're looking to drop weight, you should think along the lines of aerobic systems. If you're wanting to pack on the muscle, weight training is right up your alley. But either way, don't forget the proper diet!