Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

I began my writing career at the age of 12. Okay, so you caught me. I wasn't exactly getting paid back then for my witty banter and sarcastic diatribes. However, I was doing what every determined writer should do, and that's honing my skills. Writing, like every other field is about hard work. You have to practice and learn more in order to get better and hopefully succeed. This goes without saying. It's a process we learn at a very young age and it applies to everything we do. Now, what about the writer market? This is an ever-changing business. Take the Internet for example. The web has completely revolutionized writing as we once knew it. It's no longer about scribbling on notepads and punching away at typewriter keys. These days it's all about software and Internet access.

I had a professor in college, who told me something rather discouraging. He was teaching a writing course, and one day he just blurted it out. "There are two ways you can make money as a writer now days; one is by writing fiction and the other is films." This was such a bleak statement. Could it be true? What about journalists, poets and those who live to craft short stories? Well, I spoke with the professor after class, and he explained this statement with a bit more detail. He was basically saying that the short story and poetry folks are a thing of the past. And that these days it's all about fiction novels and films. These are the writers that make the big bucks. I have to admit, this sounded like reality. Anyway, one thing we did not discuss in that writing course is the online writer market. This is pretty massive now days. If you have a computer and Internet access, the online writer market is something you should consider. Of course that is, if you're searching for a career in writing. The web can introduce you to a number of freelance writing gigs. I am sometimes flabbergasted at how much writing goes straight to cyberspace. Imagine all the articles and medical essays available online. It's a gargantuan business.

Like any career field, the writer market can be discouraging and difficult at times. There is a lot of competition, but what field lacks competition? It's the same regardless of your specialty. One thing I can say is if you search the contemporary writer market for jobs, you will find some. Acquiring the gig is up to you.