Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

Write A Book

The world of publishing is extremely difficult to get into. The writers that make a very good living, such as Stephen King or John Grisham are in the minority. It takes a best seller to enable you to give up the day job. I would like to write a book but I struggle to find the time. I guess I'll make time if I want it badly enough. More people than ever are buying books and it's very competitive. There are less independent publishers now and the big companies don't want to take too many risks on a new writer. They're not always smart about their choices either. J.K. Rowling was rejected several times.

I read sometimes about people who have sold their debut novel and been given a huge advance to write another one. Just when I'm fuming with jealousy, I hear that they sold the film rights for squillions of dollars! The most annoying thing is when a celebrity is commissioned to write a book, only to hire an anonymous ghostwriter. Sports personalities seem to do that a lot. They take all the credit and most of the money. English soccer star David Beckham even won a literary award for his so called effort at an autobiography.

The lucky writers are the ones that have a publisher really pushing them. A new writer needs tons of publicity after they write a book. Sometimes, the public is manipulated a little into buying a book. I have seen book covers with scantily clad ladies that I know has very little relevance to the plot.

So what are the books that sell well? Non-fiction subjects such as cookery, travel, home improvement and gardening are always in demand. Unfortunately, I don't feel equipped to write a book on any of those themes. I could try my hand at fiction but that seems a harder market to crack. The crime and thriller genre does well but I don't think I could come up with a clever, intricate plot. I'm more into novels about the human condition, which explore relationships and modern society. For a publisher to go with something like that from an unknown writer, it would have to be very, very good.

Sometimes, a great novel will come along that's critically acclaimed and a best seller. This just proves to me that the general public is underestimated and there is a demand for thoughtful stories. Publishers, like TV networks and film producers should stop dumbing down.