Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

A whole house water filter is typically used in homes to help purify your drinking, bathing and washing water supply in your home. You may not realize how much a system like this can improve the condition of your water until you actually try it for yourself. You may find that a whole house water filter is a necessity in your home.

I decided that we had to do something about the water in our home after giving my daughter a bath. I was amazed to find rust at the bottom of the tub. It had settled while she was sitting and playing in the water. The sediment was so think that it wouldn’t travel with the water down the drain.

There was a thick trail of rust and dirt that ran from one end of the tub to the other. When I pointed this out to my husband he said that it was time for us to look into buying a whole house water filter to address the problem. This was a welcomed response to my concern.

The problem with the sediment wasn’t only in the bathtub. We found that I had to scrub the toilet every day because it looked dirty. I thought that there was something wrong with the porcelain finish but after looking at the sediment in the bathtub I realized that it was just rust and dirt clinging to the toilet.

The build up was everywhere that the water flowed. We knew that a whole house water filter would be the only solution to the problem and the problem was significant. We went through two coffee pots in one year because the well water in our home was just overwrought with sediment.

All of the appliances that used water, including my iron, were suffering some damage. We figured that the cost of a whole house water filter would be nothing compared to replacing our appliances over and over again. We would actually save money in the long run.

One of the appliances that suffered a great deal without the whole house water filter was the washing machine. The rust and sediment would clog the flow in the machine. Some loads of laundry took over an hour to complete because the water was running so slowly. The effects were apparent on our white clothing. Actually, we no longer hand whites; they were mostly rust color or eggshell colored by the time the washer was through with them.

Now that we have a whole house water filter I am busy undoing the damage that was done by the sediment. Our clothes are whiter and brighter than ever and I can relax with a cup of coffee instead of worrying about clogging my machine.