Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

Whenever I take a glance at the current events on television or in the newspaper I can't help but notice the focus on crime. Even if you're a web surfer, you've surely seen all the negative topics regarding the scum of our society. I notice how they love to focus a great deal on the brutal stuff. I assume they know it gets the public's attention. This means business for them. The more gruesome, the more money made. Yikes, we live in a strange world. Anyway, what about all the white collar crimes? Yeah, you remember those, right? I'm sure you've heard the phrase "white collar crimes" before. What does this mean you may ask? Well, with white collar crimes comes privilege. Or at least this is typically the way it works. Those individuals committing these crimes are not commonly poor or ready to shoot someone. They have greater things in mind.

In my opinion, white collar crimes are some of the most annoying acts committed on this planet. In fact, whenever I hear this topic arise in the media, it concerns some rich executive doing shady things with the stock market in order to make more millions, or some business mogul laundering company funds. Isn't that typical? Therefore it really doesn't matter if you're wealthy or financially set. Chances are you will still want more. That's the human mind for you. Regardless of what's in your bank account, it's never enough. Even the rich folks crave more gold and silver. It's been a curse of mankind since the beginning of time. Just take a look at Martha Stuart. This is a white collar crime if I ever saw one. Remember the insider trading issue? She was apparently receiving inside information concerning the stock market and sold before she lost. That is not legal. It's the epitome of white collar crimes. I think after this little mishap occurred, people took a second look at Mrs. Molly Homemaker. They couldn't help but wonder what else Martha had to hide.

As long as we exist on this planet, white collar crimes will also exist. I'm afraid that mankind's greed and desire for wealth is a never-ending story. If you would like to better understand white collar crimes or criminal minds and activity in general, check out some of the latest articles published online.