Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

We all love our computers, right? I don't care if you punching the keyboard of an IBM ThinkPad or a Mac PowerBook, chances are this is your best buddy. I have no problem saying that I can't survive without mine. Hey, I write on the thing for a living. What'd you expect? I'm certain there are many others who share my opinion/viewpoint. We've pretty much conformed to the computer age. It's all about Papa John's online and emails. I don't want to revert back to the old-school methods. This is exactly why I take my computer's health seriously. No way do I want my baby to be attacked by a virus. So, this is where virus scanners come in handy. Are you doing a regular scan on your PC? If not, it's time to start.

Back in the day, literally translated as pre 2000, I knew nothing of computer virus scanners. The truth is I knew nothing about computers in general. Couldn't tell you what software did what or where to find a USB port. I wasn't even familiar with the term "browser." Yeah, yeah, laugh it up. It's sad, I know. Fortunately I signed up for a couple computer courses and got some game. It was refreshing to know the difference hardware and software, and gigabytes and megabytes. We all should know these things now days. Computers are way too great an asset to be left in the dark on this topic. Anyway, I currently use an IBM desktop and a MAC notebook computer, both on a daily basis. One is for work and the other for play. Although my Mac seems to never have even the slightest issues with viruses, I can't say the same regarding my PC. Every now and then something will pop up. It's typically my virus software letting me know that some random virus has just been quarantined. I'm glad that my IBM has up-to-date software with effective virus scanners, but sad that it's affected by viruses. Why can't it be more like my Mac? Well, luckily it keeps the bad out. My job is to simply update the software when needed. You can do the same on your computer just by selecting the program and clicking UPDATE. This should be done at least once each week.

Once in a while I take advantage of my virus scanners and do the entire system. This allows your virus software to scan your entire hard drive for problems. It takes a little bit of time, so don't expect it to be completed within a few seconds. Take care of your PC or suffer the consequences of a crashed system.