Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

How many of us have done something when we were young that we are not proud of today? Most of us, I’d say. I certainly fall into that category but I will save most of those stories for another, possible more appropriate hour. Today I want to talk about tattoos. I got my first tattoo when I was 18. The second one followed shortly after at 19. It was the second one that slowed me down for good.

I was on vacation with friends and we decided to get tattooed at a tattoo parlor off of the beach. Bad idea. My tattoo was poorly done and looks horrible to this day. I have thought seriously about tattoo removal because as much as I hate the darned thing now, I know that it will drive me crazy when I am older.

The problem with tattoo removal is the cost. Most of the research I have done on the topic has led me to the understanding that it will cost hundreds, if not a thousand dollars to remove a tattoo of approximately two square inches. The stupid thing only cost fifty bucks when I got it. A patient will also have to go through several treatments before the tattoo removal is completely effective.

Apparently, a type of laser is used to break up the ink particles which are then absorbed by the skin. Every body is different and it takes some longer than others to process the ink particles and remove them from the system entirely. Of course there is no guarantee that your experience with tattoo removal will be a satisfactory one. So the saying is true – tattoos really are permanent.

When I was a precocious teenager I thought, like many other people, that getting a tattoo was not that big of a deal because there was such a thing as tattoo removal. I guess it is a lot like getting married today: sure you can get divorced in a moment’s notice, but that divorce may take a lot more time and money than you’d like and you may very well be left with scars. Listen to your parents: don’t get a tattoo. At least wait a while and think long and hard about it. You may be stuck with it forever because tattoo removal may not be able to get rid of it completely, that is, assuming that you could afford it in the first place.