Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

Do you recall the good-old days? Yeah that's right; we often hear folks rant and rave about them, but when exactly were they? In all honesty, I don't know if I remember them at all. Then again, they may have taken place prior to my birth. Either way, one thing I do recall is my childhood. Maybe I'm supposed to refer to those times as the "good-old days." I guess some were pretty great; others were not. I'm definitely stuck with all those summer job memories. Ah, they weren't so bad. Once you made a few friends, they were actually pretty fun. How about yourself? Are you in search of summer job opportunities?

I always had to work when I was a kid. Now, if you were one of those lucky ones who never had to do anything the entire time you were growing up, then you were certainly fortunate. I don't hate you for it. I would have loved it too. Unfortunately I found myself looking for summer job opportunities at the end of each school year. This went on all through high school. Of course I did get to keep all the money I earned. I was able to purchase a used car and afford gas. That was cool. Maybe not as cool as having your parents hand you a brand new sports car on your sixteenth birthday, but it was still cool. One thing I will say about purchasing your own things is that you take much better care of them. You want to know why that is? Because you worked so hard to acquire them in the first place. The last thing you want is for them to get messed up. That would cost you even more money. So here's a message to all of you kids out there; take care of your belongings. No one has the cash to constantly replace them.

Looking for summer job opportunities? Hey, you've got it better than I did. Retreat to your PC or Mac for answers. Punch in the key phrase "summer job opportunities" on your favorite search engine. See what all comes up. Another route to finding summer job opportunities is just by getting out there and asking around. This is how we did it in the "good-old days." Catch my drift? And remember, always be persistent. Let them know that you want that position.