Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

Stuffing Envelopes

My mom swears up and down that she knew a woman who was stuffing envelopes and making money doing it. This was a long time ago, but she stands by her story. I have never personally met anyone who did it, but I have met plenty of people who have been scammed into giving money with the promise of that type of employment. If you want to work from home, you are in luck, because today there are real opportunities out there.

You probably won’t find legitimate employment stuffing envelopes. Have you ever tried to answer one of these ads? They look harmless and it seems like a great job for someone who can’t afford childcare, but wants to do something to earn some extra money. How hard could stuffing envelopes be? I’m not saying the job doesn’t exist, I’m just saying I have never met anyone who does it.

If you come across such an opportunity, make sure you read the fine print. You have to be realistic too. Do you really think someone is going to pay your twenty-five cents per envelope? Sure, at that rate, you could be rich within a year. It’s just not realistic. The number one rule when looking for jobs stuffing envelopes is that if it is too good to be true, it probably is. The second rule would be to never pay for any type of job. If it is a real job, you shouldn’t have to pay to get it.

You may argue and say that some money-making opportunities do involve investment, and you would be right. If you sell Mary Kay, you have to buy a kit to get started. This makes sense though. Paying for envelopes you have to put into the mail does not. If you are stuffing envelopes for someone, you shouldn’t have to pay for supplies, plain and simple. Look online, and do your research. The Better Business Bureau is your best friend. Before you consider employment with anything like stuffing envelopes, look them up first. You may be surprised by what you find.

If you really want to make money at home, go with tried and true companies. There is no such thing as an easy buck, and if someone says you are going to make thousands stuffing envelopes, you have to wonder how that is possible. Sadly, these job scams target those who really need to find something to do at home, and they know they can get them to bite at the offers. Use caution and be realistic, or you may be out money rather than making it.