Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

If you find that you are having a difficult time trying to stay awake throughout the day, there may be several simple solutions that you can try. First and foremost, you must try to get to sleep earlier than you normally do. Getting at least seven good hours of sleep is crucial for most adults. This number goes up the younger you are. If your schedule does not allow you to get to bed earlier each night you should try taking naps when possible. Taking a quick power nap can do wonders for your system.

I have found that a power nap of twenty to thirty minutes is all I need to get back to normal when I can’t stay awake. Although it took a bit of training myself to be able to fall asleep during the daylight hours, once I felt the effects that a power nap can have I was no longer convinced that naps were impossible to take. If a power nap was not possible, I often looked for something stimulating to perk myself up. I have been able to stay awake long enough to get a second wind by playing a computer game or filling out a crossword. I realize that sounds a tad dorky, but anything that engages my brain usually helps me stay awake when I am feeling groggy.

The most commonly used aide when trying to stay awake has to be caffeine and I have been a loyal subscriber to this method for many years. Although drugs of any sort should probably be a last resort, caffeine is readily available practically everywhere and is known to do the trick. Even though there is a constantly expanding supply of medications out there that are designed to help people fall asleep, there is a limited selection of medications aimed at helping people stay awake. I think that this is probably a good thing.

Tricking your body with chemicals should be the last thing you try when trying to stay awake. Relying upon caffeine or other chemicals when you need or want to stay up can be dangerous because you cannot count on the effects or the time span that caffeine works for your system. I have drowned my system in caffeine many times when driving long distances and have found that this can be a very bad idea.

The moment that the caffeine stops working, you may be more tired than you thought possible and if you do not have a place to pull over and get yourself back together you could be in a mess. Make sure that getting enough sleep is the number one thing that helps you stay awake throughout the day. It is the most healthy and reliable way to stay awake and alert.