Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

Most people can’t imagine not having a microwave in their kitchen. It’s not just used for convenient jobs like popping popcorn or heating up last night’s leftovers. You can cook entire meals in a small microwave oven that takes up just a portion of the available counter space in your kitchen.

Families today seem to be busy and always rushed for time. With full time work schedules, soccer practice and dance lessons, many moms and dads are turning to fast foods as a way to quiet grumbling stomachs at dinner time. Granted that’s indeed a quick way to feed hungry kids but it’s not necessarily healthy. With a small microwave oven and a pre-cooked dinner, your entire family can eat fast as well as healthy.

Some parents find it easiest to pick one night a week when they have extra time. They use this night to make meals for several other days. Things like spaghetti with meat sauce, chicken stew or lasagna all warm up perfectly inside a small microwave oven. Each person can heat up their own portion when they have a few minutes to eat. This way you’re not heating up a huge plate of food that will get cold before everyone has a chance to eat.

College kids seem to have a penchant for eating unhealthy foods. A bottle of soda and a bag of potato chips is considered a well-rounded dinner to kids in their late teens and early twenties. With a small microwave oven, they can eat all kinds of healthy frozen dinners including cheesy pastas and vegetable casseroles. The only consideration with college age students is that not all dorms allow for small appliances.

If you’ve always owned a full size model you may have to take some time to get accustomed to a smaller version. The reason is that the wattage on a small microwave oven may be less than a traditional size, which means that food takes longer to cook or heat. If this is the case, just experiment with the cooking times and adjust the time noted on any heating directions found on packages.

Keep the inside clean by wiping it down with a cloth that has been immersed in an antibacterial solution. Bacteria can actually grow inside a small microwave oven, especially if you forget to cover a dish and the food splatters. A quick wipe will help with this and if the food is caked on, a good trick is to place a mug of water in the microwave, and turn it on high for about a minute. This will loosen any food particles that are stuck making them that much easier to wipe away.