Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

Relationships With Men

For a woman, perhaps the most challenging relationships in her life will be her relationships with men. This is not exclusive to the men she dates, and the one she will end up marrying, this means her dealings with all men. The problem most women find is that men are hard to understand, though granted, men will say the same thing about women. It is true that men and women just think differently, and simply don’t talk enough. This can make a woman’s relationships with men full of miscommunications and misunderstandings. It’s a wonder anyone gets together at all isn’t it? On top of that, brothers, dads, and male coworkers add to the confusion.

No matter how much advice women get about relationships with men, it’s hard to get it right. While I agree that good communication is a definite benefit, it doesn’t help as much as people would like you to believe. You can say all the words you want, but if you don’t understand those words, you get nowhere. The common mistake most women make in relationships with men is trying to read more into their words than is really there. On the flip side, men often don’t hear enough of what a woman is saying. This doesn’t mean either side is wrong, it just means things are left unsaid, and things are imagined that aren’t there.

You can find help with relationships with men in a lot of places, but remember that advice can be a bit one sided. There are services that are said to help women understand men, and also coaching services to help those who seem to feel they are bad daters. There is no magic cure, but you may find that you are sending out the wrong signals when you don’t intend to. Body language is an important aspect of relationships with men. You may be telling men you are difficult or off limits without even realizing it.

If you feel stuck, and don’t understand why your relationships with men don’t work out very well, there is no harm in asking for help. You can find self-help books on the subject, or you can ask friends who seem to have a successful dating life. Finding out how to better understand the opposite sex may truly help you improve your relationships with men, and help your communications with everyone else in your life as well.