Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

How would you currently rate you physical well-being? This is something I found myself critiquing the other day. I even got on my wife's scale and measured my body fat. Although I was pleased to see it at 10 percent, I still wondered if anything else could be wrong with me. You know, possibly on the inside. I assume that most people do this on occasion. It's hard not to be critical of your health. After all, we want to live long and healthy lives, every one of us. Many of us take precautions and live right in order to do this; but is it enough? Even though I try to avoid the issue, I sometimes find myself dwelling on the notion of cancer. What if I was afflicted with prostate cancer in the future? What prostate cancer treatment is available? Would I still have a chance at life? I think many of us want answers.

When it comes to cancer treatments, it's difficult not to dwell on the obvious. This is known as chemotherapy. Even with prostate cancer treatment, chemotherapy is often involved. This is scary! Or at least it is to me. I don't really fancy the idea of poisoning my body in order to make it well. There has to be an alternative prostate cancer treatment somewhere. Well, one thing I do know is the prevention process. This is even more important in my book. If you can prevent ever acquiring prostate cancer, then you're golden. After doing a little recon work, I came up with these reasons. One way to help prevent the on-set of prostate cancer is through tomatoes. Yes, I said tomatoes. Specifically tomato sauce. This vegetable/fruit provides essential minerals such as lycopene, which help prevent cancer. Also there is salmon. This is a very healthy fatty fish that offers your body essential oils, which are great for preventing illnesses such as cancer. You should consume this fatty fish twice a week. And finally there are foods to avoid. Smoked and salty are no-no's. These two elements encourage prostate cancer, as well as rectal, and stomach cancer. You can add char-grilled meats to that list as well.

So, there are certain ways to prevent cancer. Maybe instead of researching a prostate cancer treatment for basic knowledge and preparation, you should research more ways to prevent the illness. What we consume and how we live are crucial.