Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

There are certain issues that pertain to the males of our world, as there are issues that typically pertain to females. One of these involves cancer. When you think of women, I'm sure your mind drifts toward breast cancer. This is very common. We all do this. After all, we men do not have breasts. Now, just to be clear on something, men can get breast cancer. Although it's not as common for males, it does exist. When we ponder the issue of cancer regarding males, prostate cancer comes to mind. This is also normal; especially in this day and age. So many men are afflicted with prostate cancer. It certainly gives us men something to think about. To tell the truth, what we all really want to know and understand is how to prevent it from occurring. This means oodles of prostate cancer research.

I have no problem admitting that I worry about cancer. Of course I don't spend every waking moment dreading the possibility. However, it does enter my mind every time I see something addressing the illness. If you watch television, you will see so many ads concerning breast cancer for women and prostate cancer for men. These two types are so common in American society. I doubt they could ever do enough breast or prostate cancer research. We want the cure darn-it. Therapy and treatments are all fine and good, but we want it to be abolished, obliterated, and squelched completely. No more cancer please! This has got to be the worst health affliction known to man. I say this specifically about cancer because it's one illness that cannot be fully prevented. Sure, you can eat healthy, exercise and live right, but that doesn't mean you won't acquire cancer. Most other illnesses can be prevented. I am always annoyed when people bring up HIV. This is by no means the worst, because guess what? You don't have to put yourself at risk and get it. It's avoidable.

It's interesting to read current articles concerning cancer and other health afflictions. This is one way to keep on top of breast and prostate cancer research. You can see what is currently going on with treatments and breakthroughs. Hopefully one day this redundant breast and prostate cancer research will pay off in full, and we will have a cure.