Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

I wonder what percent of the human race is in touch with its spiritual side. No, I'm not necessarily rambling about churches, forgiveness and deities. I had more supernatural type stuff in mind. You know, like ghosts, demons, and evil. And what about psychics reading? Do you think some gifted individuals have this sixth sense that can go the distance and get in touch with what most of us cannot? Maybe profile a killer without ever seeing him or knowing him, revel where a body has been buried, or determine where a killer will strike next. This is a pleasant thought. Well, maybe not the crime aspect, but the sixth sense part is. If telepathic abilities are legitimate, why didn't we all get them?

I have never had my palm read. Nor have I ever called a psychic hotline for answers regarding my love-life and/or future. I typically feel that these psychics reading are bogus. They're not the real deal. The truth is that so many people are out there just trying to make a buck. Take Ms Cleo for example. What in the heck was she doing with that fake Jamaican accent and stack of tarot cards? That was lame! Then again, it sure took people long enough to realize this. Good grief! That woman must have made a fortune with her cheesy infomercials. She is the kind that gives psychics reading for real a bad name. It's because of phonies like her that most people don't believe at all. I have to admit that I do believe in psychics reading to an extent. I don't feel that every single last one of them is a fraud. Take the ones that work for the law enforcement industry. I believe that they're commonly legit. They offer their services for the greater good. They want to help our authorities catch the bad element and save lives. Since they have done this many times in the past, it's a tad difficult to dismiss their abilities. As far as I'm concerned, there is no other way to explain what they know.

The Internet is a psychics reading grand central now. Imagine how many people are making a living by giving psychic readings on the web. It's absurd if you really think about this and investigate it. So many of these "psychics reading" have to be complete frauds. No thanks! I'll keep my money.