Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

Do you want to know what I love about department stores? Okay, other than the cute cosmetic girls who wear ten gallons of make-up. I love the free perfume samples. I get these for my wife all the time and she thinks they're the bomb. Really, all you have to do is approach the fragrance counters and start asking for samples. Tell them that you really want to know what the fragrance will smell like on your skin before you purchase an entire bottle of it. They will know exactly what you mean. Most folks don't realize it, but perfumes and colognes smell different on different people. We're supposed to spray it on our skin and then it reacts in some way. It won't take long before you realize whether or not you like the fragrance on your particular skin or not. Get the picture?

I never like to purchase designer cologne or perfume until I've got an idea of its reaction. I first get all those nifty perfume samples and cologne samples and begin testing. I wear one on one day and ask my wife what she thinks. She does the same thing. We determine which fragrance smells the best and head on back to the department store to buy it. This is the way of the future people. Why waste your money on a fragrance that may or may not pan out? You have to be sure of these things. After all, how much are folks forking out these days for a bottle of perfume or cologne? My guess is quite a darn bit. The last men's designer cologne I was interested in cost 87 dollars. Is that cheap to you? Fortunately they had a few cologne and perfume samples on hand. I was able to attain a bit free of charge. It's the American way.

Now, if you're searching malls and department stores for perfume samples, but the cosmetic ladies are giving you the brush off, then I suggest spraying some of that new-age self tanner in their eye. Okay, I'm just blowing off a little steam there. As I'm certain you already know, these retail folks hate helping anyone they're not making commission off of. That's reality for you. Just get online and see what free perfume samples you can find. Have them sent to your front door in no time. You see how convenient our personal computers make life.