Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

Paypal Account

If you work online, a Paypal account can be your very best friend. It is the easiest and fastest way to move money around online, whether you are earning it, or paying out money to someone else. Paypal has its downfalls, however, and if you use it for larger sums of money, you are going to pay some hefty fees. If you are considering a Paypal account, you have to decide if the usefulness and the convenience are worth it to you or not.

I wasn’t making a lot of money when I first started collecting revenue from my writing. I had a personal account, and could not receive more than five hundred dollars a month. This was fine for quite a while. I got all of the benefits of a Paypal account with out the fees. When I started earning more, however, fees certainly came into play.

If you have more money to play with, you are going to have to upgrade to a premier or business Paypal account. This is where the fees come in, and they can be quite hefty. On a transfer of three hundred dollars, I had to pay about ten dollars in fees. Ouch. However, because of the ease of use, and the speed in which I can get paid and have access to my money, I don’t mind the fees so much. If you use your Paypal account for business reasons, remember that these fees can be claimed on your taxes as a business expense, so keep track of them.

Security is an issue if you use a Paypal account, so make sure you pay attention. It is essential that you change your password on a regular basis, and make sure your passwords are hard to duplicate. Use a lot of odd numbers and letters that won’t be easily guessed. Keep your password in a place where you won’t lose it, and remember that they have a phone number if you have any sort of trouble. If you suspect someone has been in your Paypal account, phone them immediately for help.

Also, remember that you should never click on a link sent to you via email. There are people who use email to try to get your Paypal account information. They send an email that looks like it comes from Paypal, and they say you must update your information. They then send you to a website designed to lift your password when you enter it. Paypal will never send you an email like this. If in doubt, open a new browser and type in the address for Paypal yourself. If you click on a link and type in your information, you are giving someone access to your Paypal account and all that you have in there. They can wipe you out in seconds.