Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

I recently saw a long infomercial on television featuring the oreck air purifier. I was very intrigued. Like many people I suffer from environmental and seasonal allergies and I'm constantly looking for ways to eliminate allergens from my home. There are many air purifiers on the market today and few resources to research the effectiveness and quality of them. I was very impressed by the oreck air purifier infomercial and consider it to be the most effective product I had seen.

A very important piece of information concerning the oreck air purifier was not divulged in the infomercial and I found that very aggravating. This very important piece of information was the cost of the oreck air purifier. The ad mentioned that you can purchase an oreck air purifier for $30 a month but it did not tell the audience how many months this payment plan was based on. You have to go to the Internet to find out more information on that topic.

According to the Internet, an oreck air purifier will cost you about $300. This sounds very expensive but when you take into account the fact that you will not have to spend any money on replacement air filters, this may be a very good deal. The oreck air purifier cleans debris out of the air by ionizing particles which then attach to removable, washable blades. These blades do not need to be replaced and you can simply wash them in your kitchen sink to clean them however often you wish.

The people at oreck claim that the oreck air purifier can clean the air in a 30 x 30 room once an hour. This is very impressive. They also claim that the oreck air purifier, if run 24 hours a day, runs on about the same energy as is used by a 25 W light bulb. Considering that most of the light bulbs in my home are 60 to 75 W bulbs, this air purifier appears to be very energy efficient.

There have been reports recently which claim that the air inside your home may be several times more polluted than the air outside. As someone with allergies I find this very alarming. After thoroughly cleaning my home, including having an air duct cleaning service over to the house, I still experience allergies regularly. After researching several brands of air purifiers I believe that the oreck air purifier system is the most effective and reasonably priced for what it can do. If you are considering a similar system to clean the air in your home, I suggest that research several brands and models before spending a considerable amount on such a product.