diana minter (@dianaminter93)
5 months ago

The second wave of COVID -19 has wreaked havoc across the world, especially the USA, South America, and much of Europe. With the clinical trials having proven successful for a vaccine, there is a silver lining, but a swift and widespread recovery the world over is a distant possibility. Businesses are hurt worldwide, and that’s why everyone is optimistic about the economy doing a rebound.
Like any sector, real estate has also been affected badly with rent and buying/selling prices considerably down as compared to the same period last period. Just when everyone thought that the market would crawl back, the second wave has started to affect. Real Estate markets in big cities in Canada like Toronto and Montreal have suffered. With cases going above 5000 daily across the country, right at the start of the winter season, is an alarming sign for the future.
People looking for a place to live in this epidemic need to think of certain factors and aspects to select a secure place for their loved ones. This blog also discusses how you can live a healthy life and secure yourself and your family from the virus.
Taking Care of Hygiene
Certainly, the most important aspects nowadays are hygiene and cleanliness as they are the key to stay safe from the virus. The use of masks, social distancing, and making sure you are clean every day is what must be done by everyone and taking care of your place where you live is also important. Thinking about renting out a place or buying a piece of real estate like a small condo, you need to be wary of the facts mentioned above.
Check out the place where you will live and how clean it is. The surroundings or the whole complex must be considered as don’t think that if the rooms are clean, then everything is okay. The virus can spread from anywhere, and even dust from appliances and carpet can harm people, especially those prone to the flu season.
Managing How you Live
Our lifestyle can have a say in what will happen in the future and where we are heading. People who eat fast-food or junk food, in essence, have more chances of getting a disease or symptoms of heartburn or high blood pressure. Bad eating habits can lead to obesity, which is the root cause of many diseases. That’s why you need to think about which environment you are living in and what you must consider living a healthy life and stay away from catching the virus.
Similarly, your lifestyle and how you will live with your neighbors and vice versa will have a say in you getting the virus or becoming sick from any other disease. So, it's not just the others but yourself too, which can make matters worse for you and your family.
Interacting with Delivery Riders and Strangers
Human beings are social animals, and we cannot live in isolation. The 14-day quarantine period is too much for many people who complain of fatigue and loneliness as they are not in touch with anyone. Although they can contact people through a smartphone and other mediums, the lack of physical interaction can be too much for people. Those who are very social need to think about remaining cautious so that they don’t commit the mistake by meeting with someone accidentally.
It doesn't matter in which place you will live; you will interact with many people. And we don’t know if those people are free from viruses. Even a healthy person can transmit the virus if he is asymptomatic. This makes you vulnerable to catching the COVID-19 without even taking all the precautions. That’s why you need to think about how to handle such situations.
Final Word
Managing visitors in your building and taking care of yourself in your workplace are also other important factors. Our lifestyle is critical in coping with this virus and whether we can live in any place without contracting the virus.
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