Nancy Ahuja (@nancyahuja)
5 months ago

Academics are an important part of a child's life, and a child has a lifetime of formal learning ahead of them. So, a child's preschooling should be in a lively place where they learn to love school and build happy lifetime memories.

Although there are various factors to note when it comes to narrow the search for a preschool, there are some essential key points to determine the best preschool for your child.

Step 1: Begin the selection process early, as popular schools in Singapore fill up quickly

Many preschools and kindergartens open up waitlists for enrollment as early as from a child's birth. Enquire about the waitlist for your favorite kindergarten in Singapore to check the enrolment status when a child is born. Most kindergarten offer facility to fill an admission form and submit the registration fee to secure a spot for your child.

Step 2: Shortlist the preschool within proximity of your home

The school's location and accessibility are quite important, especially in the initial years of a child, as parents may need to visit the school more often. Also, a school with close proximity is suitable at times of emergencies when a parent is required to reach in immediate time.

Step 3: Determine the Child Teacher Ratio:

It is crucial to find a school that offers small class sizes. The teacher-student ratio determines the amount of personalized attention required to a child. Some children need special care, and this is possible only in a small classroom with a lower teacher-child ratio.

Step 4: Check the credibility of the school:

It is important to carry out a background check to ensure a school's education quality along with safety measures taken for the students.

One of the best ways to verify the credibility of a kindergarten in Singapore ( is by enquiring from parents who have children in the school you are looking at.

Step 5: Check out the facilities and other co-curricular activities offered:

Some schools offer various facilities with a range of extracurricular activities for their children. Sports, music, outdoor activities are included in the class curriculum to prepare students with various skill sets. A green outdoor space with well integrated into the classroom setting is the need of the hour as it is hard to find kindergartens with outdoor space.

Step 6: Research for the quality of teachers

Teachers are the most important instrument in shaping a child's future. Checking a teacher's quality and the qualifications of the school staff is a vital point while selecting a preschool. Some schools conduct periodic training sessions for the teachers to keep them update with changing methodologies. Such schools are a naturally better choice for a child.


Last, it is important to trust a parent's instinct. Every parent has their own likes, dislikes, and personal preference, and parent's institution is the most important guiding light in selecting the best preschool for the child. Remember, you know your child best and understand his/her needs. So, while finalizing a preschool, listen to your heart.