Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

You always hear folks complaining about how difficult it is to lose weight. If they only knew how hard it was for us slim folks to gain weight. Or actually I should specify; gain muscle. After all, that's the only weight we're typically interested in gaining. Hopefully no one is striving to gain fat. That's just weird. Anyway, believe it or not, we skinny folks have a horrible time trying to pack on the pounds. It takes a great deal of eating, muscle building workouts, and protein supplements. It can actually get rather annoying if you ask me. I recall when I first started muscle building workouts and protein shakes. I was not so happy with the whole ordeal. However, I was determined to pack on the pounds.

It definitely isn't difficult to learn a few muscle building workouts in this modern era. Virtually anything you may be searching for is always right at your fingertips. Just hop on the web and see what I mean. A little buddy of mine named Google always hooks me up. However, back in high school when I really noticed my weight, I didn't have the Internet handy. I was a senior in high school, who was 6'1" and 155 pounds. That's a little on the slim side. I learned a few muscle building workouts with free weights from my eldest brother. In addition to weight training, I began drinking weight gainer. This was in no way as good as the supplements out there today. What I was drinking was pure calories. These days they have much better protein shakes and such. I can still remember I would mix a huge scoop of this calorie shake with a cup of milk. The result was like a strawberry sludge. I couldn't help but wince when I guzzled it down. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Regardless, all turned out well in the end. Now I'm at a nice 170 pounds with only 10 percent body fat. That's pretty good if you don't already know. I still keep up with my muscle building workouts and drink a daily whey protein shake for added benefits. It definitely tastes better than the old stuff.

Whether or not you choose muscle building workouts with free weights or machines doesn't really matter in my opinion. However, you do want to remember that they're not exactly equal. You will find that muscle building workouts with free weights are more difficult and you will require less weight. Trust me on this one.