Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

If you want a night to remember you may want to consider going to a murder mystery dinner party. Some people may turn their noses up to such an occasion but I think that this kind of entertainment is perfect for just about anyone. I know because I was the last person on earth that wanted to go to a murder mystery dinner party.

I have never been a fan of murder mysteries at all. Frankly, they bored me to tears. Either I knew who the culprit was within a few minutes of the tale or I was struck by the sudden introduction of the murderer during the last chapter of the story. A murder mystery dinner party just wasn’t appealing to me at all.

Believe me, I have tried to like mysteries but they just did nothing for me. I found the situations to be unbelievable and the characters to be shallow and fake. I had difficulty suspending disbelief during the mystery stories and movies and I really thought that I was going to have a miserable time at the murder mystery dinner party.

The only mystery story that appeals to me in the slightest is Clue. The game is wonderful to play because you interact with the other players. It is like chess with a twist or two. The movie Clue is a favorite of mine but that is due to the amazing cast of characters and the actors who portray them. I also like that the endings varied at the final portion of the film.

When my boyfriend insisted on taking me to a murder mystery dinner party I really thought that he didn’t know a thing about me. I guess that he figured that it was a good idea at the time. I also think that he was more concerned about getting me to become interested in mysteries. He is a mystery buff.

The whole thing was going to turn out in tears. I would be bored to tears and he was going to weep over the wasted money that he spent on the murder mystery dinner party. Nevertheless, I went though with the doomed date.

I have never been so wrong about anything in my life. Not only did I have a fantastic time at the murder mystery dinner party I also found my perfect match. I married the man who asked me to the party within two years of the event. I figured that I had better bond with a person who knows more about me than I know myself.