Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

Mouse trap

So, I was walking into my family room a few nights ago in order to tend to the fire in the fireplace. Suddenly, from underneath the couch, this little shadowy creature darted out and dashed under the hutch. Of course, I squealed and ran back up the stairs and left the fire to fend for itself. A few moments later, I returned with my husband in tow, and our two curious cats as well. We turned on all of the lights and checked underneath all of the furniture. The mouse had vanished. It could have been anywhere. My husband, not thrilled by this drama, said that he'd get some a mouse trap or two in the morning and we'd take care of the issue. He left me, alone, in the room when he went upstairs. Part of me was really sad.

Mice aren't horrible creatures. In fact, they're quite cute when they aren't living in your home trying to cohabitate. I hate killing animals, except for spiders. Anything that is classified as an insect and has more than four legs just doesn't stand a chance in my household. I hated the idea of setting a mouse trap and hearing it snap, knowing that some furry little being just lost his life because they smelled food. It just didn't seem very humane. On the other hand, I really didn't want a family of mice moving into my home, leaving little droppings all over the place and eating our food without asking or even saying please. This is why I was sad - I was torn.

My husband returned the next day with a mouse trap. He told me to go ahead and set it up while he dashed off to work. I sat and stared at that mouse trap for about an hour before deciding that I just couldn't bear to do it. Instead, I went to the local hardware store and tried to find something more humane. I didn't want to kill the mouse, I just wanted it to relocate elsewhere. The salesman told me about a humane "no kill" trap that they had and some that were for sale on the internet. It lures the mouse inside of it and then a little door shuts, trapping the live mouse. You can just pick it up and relocate the mouse elsewhere. I was a huge fan of trying this idea.

Later that afternoon, I finished reading the directions and set it up. I put a cracker inside of it to lure the unsuspecting furballs and went upstairs to wait. All day and night, there was no mouse. By morning, we discovered a tiny brown mouse walking around inside of the little cage trap, trying to find a way outside. My husband released him in a field about a mile away. I was thrilled that he hadn't been harmed. My husband was just thrilled that we didn't have a little rodent for a pet anymore.