Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

Missing persons / missing people

I have a recurring dream that turns into a nightmare before I finally wake up in pure terror. I dream that I am in a store and turn around for a split second to check something. When I turn back around, my toddler is gone. Next thing I know, I'm at home watching a show about missing persons and screaming because my daughter's photo is staring out at me. My worst fear is having her disappear. I am probably an overprotective parent, always clutching to the grocery store cart when she's sitting in it or always keeping her within an arm's length of me. All you have to do on any given day is open up a newspaper or watch the news on the television. Everyday, the list of missing people grows across the world. It always amazes me how people can be seen one moment and within a split second, they vanish into thin air. I mean, how can someone just vanish? Most often, someone knows where the missing persons are. Sure, some people might vanish accidentally and they are never found meaning that no one truly does know where they are, but most often, someone holds the key.

People become missing persons for various reasons. Maybe a housewife grows tired of her daily routines and just leaves one day. She starts a new life for herself in a new town and is never heard from again in her old town. A teenager who is fed up with life and obeying parents' rules runs away from home. Suddenly, their name is added to the database of missing persons. Maybe they come home someday, maybe they don't. Criminal behavior puts people on the missing persons list as well. Sadly, many of the names and faces on the missing persons lists have met a tragic fate. Someone may have ended their life prematurely.

There are lots of websites dedicated to helping you find some missing people that you are hoping to locate. Perhaps those missing people are old high school friends or a family member you can't seem to touch base with anymore. Some of those websites will help you locate those individuals through public records and listings. Most of the sites charge a fee for their services and findings. Be weary of these fees though, as some of the information that they bring forth is outdated and not very helpful. Suddenly, you spent your precious money getting information that has put you no further ahead than you were previously. If you are seriously looking to locate a missing person, don't commit to spending any fees or handing over any money to a private investigator until you do some investigating of your own. Is the website or individual reputable? Do they offer refunds? Are they worthwhile? You might be desperate to locate someone, but make sure you are barking up the right tree before your money ends up missing as