Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

Meet People

There has been a lot of discussion in the media recently about the breakdown of communities and about people feeling isolated. Many of us don't know the names of our neighbors and we don't make an effort to meet people. We all live in our little boxes, concerned with our own lives. There are those who find it difficult to make contact and they can become very lonely.

We should make more effort to help the elderly and people with disabilities. Single parents also find it difficult to meet people. There are organizations, which do their best to help people to socialize, such as drop in centers. The church is another lifeline for some. Human beings were not designed to live alone and loneliness promotes poor mental health. Perhaps governments could do more to assist those community organizations with more funding.

Most of us form friendships at work and we take this for granted. Some people however, are house bound or unable to meet people after work because there is no one to watch the children. It's important to improve the quality of people's lives by bringing them together, e.g. a baby sitting service run by single parents would be beneficial for all concerned. Just getting out of the house to attend an evening class could be a tremendous boost for someone and would open up other opportunities.

It is especially difficult for divorced people to adjust to going out to meet people again. Their confidence may be at an all time low. Dating agencies are doing a roaring trade and are particularly useful for women, who would think twice about going into a bar or club on their own. It's a safer way of meeting people.

Shared activities such as sports are another method. Making friends on the tennis court or through a volleyball team means that you already have things in common and you get some exercise as a plus. Sitting at home, watching television or playing computer games is ok but not as a way of life. Not interacting with people becomes a habit. Sometimes, we substitute the lives of the soap stars for the real life that we live. So, make the decision to get involved. Turn off the TV and re-connect with the outside. Whether you do voluntary work or go out and have a good time, you'll be communicating the idea of human contact. You might even discover a soap adventure of your own!