Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

Having been through two pregnancies, one thing I wish that I would have done was to have gotten a really nice maternity photo taken. I have seen other women’s photos that were taken during their seventh or eighth month of pregnancy and they are absolutely gorgeous. Not only are they a fabulous idea to have a maternity photo of just the expectant mother, but I have also seen photos that include the father to be and any siblings that are breathtaking as well.

When getting a maternity photo taken it is important to find a photographer that specializes in this type of photography. If you are unable to find one that has this as a specialty, then at least take the time to find a photographer that has a style that is similar to the photos you would like to have taken. Ideally, finding a photographer that has taken a maternity photo in the past will serve you well as they are able to know which positions and angles work the best with a pregnant body.

The most beautiful maternity photos I have seen have been in the black and white medium. For some reason, it softens the photo and makes the expectant mother look almost angelic. The black and white also detracts from things like stretch marks and other skin ailments that may take place during pregnancy, making the maternity photo one of beauty and grace and not focusing on the bad parts of the pregnancy.

One of my favorite poses that I have seen in a maternity photo is one that includes a sibling to be. The young child is standing in front of the mother’s belly and is either kissing the stomach or has their hands placed on the stomach and is looking up in the mother’s eyes. Now that I have two children, I wish more than anything that I had a photo like this taken during my second pregnancy. They are the sweetest thing, and for a small price I could have that memory encapsulated forever.

If you are even considering getting a maternity photo taken, look into the costs and styles that are available in your area. If you are thinking of it and do not check into it, you most likely will regret the decision as I have. It seemed like something of an extravagance at the time, but it is also something that might be able to be done with your own camera at home to avoid high photography costs.