Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

We all have something to say, right? I mean come on; there is not a single soul on this green earth who doesn't want to voice something. I know there are plenty of things that I would like to say. Granted I don't just blurt them all out in the faces of others. This could result in a number of altercations. Not to mention jail time. Oh well; no worries. There are ways of getting my messages across. How about the almighty bumper sticker for example? This is an excellent way to advertise your thoughts and opinions. Let the world read your feelings right off the back of your ride. Hey, and don't worry about getting that darn thing off. We all know that opinions, viewpoints, and ideas change as we age. This is why God created magnetic bumper stickers. If you no longer agree with it, just peel it right back off.

There are so many things I can think to put on magnetic bumper stickers. "Bite Me!" is a great one, but I'm sure it's been taken. I always like the "My other car is a Porsche" one. That never gets old. And the junkier your vehicle is, the more you need that bumper sticker. Am I right here or am I right? We all want people to know we have a sports car sitting back home in the garage. Especially the ladies. Now, one great thing about the bumper sticker phenomenon is that it's changed a bit. Now days you can have magnetic bumper stickers made just the way you want them. You don't have to settle for some of the corny ones you see one other vehicles. These are often redundant and lame. Make up your own phrases and voice your own spiels. It's called freedom of speech and magnetic bumper stickers can help you with it.

Have you ever encountered a bumper sticker that irked you a little? I can't say that I have. However, I was riding with my father to a coffee shop when we spotted one that bothered him immensely. It read "Bush Sucks!" Now, that has got to be customized, because I've never encountered magnetic bumper stickers with that phrase on them. Regardless, it is still a person's right to slap it on their bumper and cruise around. Get a few customized magnetic bumper stickers for your car.