Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

Who hasn’t seen the commercial for the magic bullet blender? I see it several times a week and I don’t even have cable television. At least one channel shows the infomercial for the magic bullet blender every Saturday and Sunday. It has the same lame characters every time and always makes me laugh. My favorite character is the older woman who sits there and smokes the whole time and makes fun of what is going on. Classic.

I have to admit that I usually get sucked into the magic bullet blender infomercial. I have some strange fascination with watching people cook quickly on commercials. The overacting in the magic bullet blender infomercial is the best I have seen in a long time and there should be an award out there for this level of comedy.

I don’t know if the magic bullet blender really is an amazing product or if I have just been brainwashed by the hilarious commercial but I have seriously considered ordering one every time I see it. I’m pretty sure that if I saw one at my local Walgreens I would pick one up. I may hold out a little while though just to see if my mom gets me one. I would be surprised to find out that she does not own one already.

The thing about the magic bullet blender that keeps me intrigued and really close to dialing up and ordering one is all the different meals and whatnot that they show you how to make on that darned infomercial. They cook everything from breakfast to lunch to dinner and desert. The Mexican fan in me loves the part where they make salsa. I guess I’m just an easy target for this sort of thing.

The infomercial industry makes billions of dollars off of suckers like me every year and it is all due to those wily commercials. I’m usually a stickler for a good plot and character development but something about that magic bullet blender commercial gets me hooked every time in spite of myself. I’m serious when I say that whoever wrote that ought to get an award.

The true test of an infomercial product is whether or not it makes it to store shelves in your neighborhood. All of the good products eventually make it to Wal-Mart or Walgreens because distribution at that level makes money for everyone involved. It also means a better deal for the consumer. That’s what I’m waiting on. I will have my magic bullet blender but I will have it on my own terms. I will not pay shipping. I will find it at a store in my neighborhood. Maybe then I can finally act out some of my favorite scenes from the infomercial. That would be as lovely as the magic bullet blender salsa.