Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

Lunch Box

One important piece of back to school merchandise you may be looking for is a good lunch box for your child. Unless your child will be eating lunch from the school cafeteria each day, you need to find one or two boxes for them to use. Finding a good lunch box is rather easy, and you may have to make your choice based on what you want to send to school for your child to eat, as well as their personal taste.

The basic lunch box will carry lunch to and sometimes from school without a problem. Many are metal or plastic, though plastic is more common today. These have a handle, and a latch to keep them shut securely. Spend a few more dollars for a lunch box that is strong, and for one that has a secure latch. The last thing you want to happen is for your child’s lunch box to be smashed, or for it to fall open spreading food all over the ground. Not only will your child be upset, you may have to leave work to bring them a new lunch, or to drop off money so they can buy their lunch.

There are also insulated lunch boxes that you can buy. These are great to help keep items cold, but may not work very well if you are trying to keep something warm. It is always best to fill your child’s lunch box with cool foods that won’t spoil before they can eat them. You may remember your school lunch box contents very well, and many of these items were sent with you because they were OK to remain in a locker until it was time for lunch. Don’t forget to make sure any lunch box comes with an insulated thermos as well.

Just do your child a favor, and allow them to pick out their own lunch box. Adults often forget how bad peer pressure can be when children are young and still learning to navigate the world around them. Something as simple as a bad lunch box can leave your child open to teasing. If they want Scooby on their box, get it for them. If they don’t like the bright pink one you have chosen, allow them to get something else. Parents who are trying to be practical and to save a few dollars often forget what it is like to be young.