Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

Marketing industries are quick to catch on to what’s hot on the market, what sells and what consumers will pay a premium price for. Good marketing strategies tout particular characteristics of products and show them off as something exclusive, making consumers think they’re buying something special and innovative. But buyer beware! Marketing companies use mind manipulation and the general ignorance of people as tactics to help promote merchandise, boost prices and bring in sales. Don’t be one of those consumers who believe everything they read!

A perfect example of good marketing is the coffees that are low in acid. Some companies are using come-hither strategies such as pairing low acid coffee with specialized diets or medical illnesses. A quick search of low acid coffee on the internet doesn’t bring up processing descriptions but a plethora of coffee companies blaring words like ‘new’ and ‘specially-processed.’ Dig a little more and narrow down your search to find out exactly what low acid coffee is and you’ll realize it’s not any more special than the coffee you’ve been drinking for years, and certainly not worth paying extra money for.

So what is it exactly? Very simply, it’s coffee that has been dark-roasted. There’s nothing special that’s been done to the bean, and there’s no fancy process that’s been used to eliminate stomach irritants to the beans. In fact, dark-roasting is the most common roasting process used with coffee beans today. The darker the roast, the less acid the coffee bean is left with and there you have your low acid coffee.

If you find coffee irritating to your stomach, and you believe that coffee gives you heartburn or you’ve been told by your doctor that you’d be best to drink a low acid coffee, don’t hit specialty aisles or look for premium priced coffee. Simply choose the darkest roast of coffee available, and you’ll be buying the same low acid coffee as the one being marketed with bells and whistles.

This product is a great way to show you, the consumer, the marketing strategies out there today that only make us spend our hard-earned money on so-called exclusive items and foods we don’t need. Keep manipulative tactics in mind when you go shopping, and be leery of believing marketing catch-words that make you think you’re buying something special or new.

Stay informed whenever you can. Doing some research to know if you’re really buying something worth the extra money is very quick and easy if you use the internet. Usually it takes less than five minutes to find out if you’re buying something a cut above the rest or if you’re being taken for a ride. Marketing businesses depend on the public’s interest, laziness and general acceptance to help companies make money and boost sales, so remember the example of low acid coffee and maintain a healthy level of disbelief while you’re shopping.