Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

Losing weight can really be a pain in the you know what! Am I right folks? Yeah, you know all about this redundant and tedious routine. Sometimes it gets you down for the simple fact that it seems never-ending. Hey, guess what? It is never-ending. Well, the exercise aspect of it is anyway. Although you may prove successful in dropping those extra pounds, you'll find that you need to keep that fitness regime for the rest of your days. Ah man, you did not want to hear that, huh? Furthermore, you will also want to maintain that healthy low-fat diet as well. No one ever said that looking great was a synch. So, are you ready to lose 20 pounds or what?

If there's one thing that ticks people off, it's exercise and weight loss. Now, I'm going to tell you why. To be completely frank it's because you're lazy. No really, this pretty much sums it up. When it comes to us humans, we want it this way; never have to exercise and eat whatever we please. Does that sound familiar to you? It totally resonates with me. My daughter is a perfect example of this. She is 18 years old. She is 5'10" and weighs about 155. Granted some people would say that's totally fine and acceptable. She doesn't appear to be fat or anything of the sort. I would say she's just an average size. However, this is not the weight she wants to maintain. She wants to lose 20 pounds. In my opinion, that's fine as well. Now, the only problem is her eating habits and exercise routines. First of all, if you're seriously attempting to lose 20 pounds, you shouldn't eat large portions. She always does this. I tell her that she consumes a much larger serving than she needs. This is an American habit. We tend to do this in the states. Secondly, she should avoid junk food and saturated fats. She doesn't do this either. That's two strikes against her. And finally, she should work out five days a week. Maybe four sessions of cardio and one of weight training. This would make a huge difference. Instead, she works out randomly. Maybe twice a week. Although this is better than nothing, it's simply not enough. Especially if you're struggling to lose 20 pounds.

For more information on proper dieting and fitness, you should turn to the World-Wide-Web. Everything you need to know is answered online. If you're really serious and want to lose 20 pounds, you have to be willing to work for it.