Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

Pregnancy can wreck havoc on your body, but once the pregnancy portion is over the body side effects certainly are not. You are still left with stretch marks, broken veins, hemorrhoids and loose skin that just will not go away. All of these are included in those little things that no one bothers to tell you about the pregnancy journey, and you can sure be caught by surprise if you end up with them. Of all of them, the loose skin is the most troublesome mainly because it often cannot be hidden.

Sure, you can cover up your loose skin with clothing, but you are often left with rolls that show through your pants and shirts making you look lumpy and possibly even still pregnant for awhile! At least with stretch marks and hemorrhoids, while they may be annoying, they are clearly not visible with clothing and cannot be seen by the general population. The loose skin that you are left with after childbirth is similar to that of someone that has lost a great deal of weight fairly quickly, because in essence that is what has been done.

In my cases, I weighed approximately one hundred and thirty pounds before pregnancy. Right before delivery, I weighed about one hundred and eighty pounds with each of my children. That is fifty pounds that I had gained in less than nine months! In both cases, I was back to my pre pregnancy weight within four months, so I had lost fifty pounds of weight very quickly. I was fortunate that I was able to shed the weight, but the loose skin is quite disgusting, especially after the second time around. Luckily with my first the skin became more taut after a few months, but it doesn’t look like I am going to be so lucky this time around.

Unfortunately, it seems as though the only solution is plastic surgery. There are no exercises that make loose skin go away, and loosing more weight will just make the condition even worse. Tummy tucks are pretty expensive, but I am almost certain that I will be getting one. Some women choose to wear their pregnancy after effects as war wounds, but I personally would just like a normal body back! I’m definitely waiting until after our last child to have it done, and I’m sure the situation will just get even worse before it gets better.