Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

Leg warmers are the best thing to come back from the eighties. Not only are they adorable, affordable and easy to make yourself, they are also the most comfortable way to keep yourself warm in cold weather. Instead of wearing constricting hose or tights, leg warmers allow your legs to breathe and move as they naturally do while still keeping you warm and cozy. Leg warmers are not just for ballerinas. I consider them to be a fashion staple. Any woman, or man for that matter, can pull these off.

It does take a bit of personality to pull off wearing leg warmers, but if you have a cheerful disposition and an obvious sense of humor, you will not look out of place in a pair of leg warmers. They are very easy to make yourself if you can teach yourself a few simple knitting skills. You can find yarn of all colors and types at sewing shops, quilting stores, or even a chain retailer like Kmart. Yarn can be very cheap so you have the opportunity to save a lot of money by creating your own personalized pair.

Do not listen to anyone who tries to make rude or unfriendly comments about your leg warmers. They do not know what they are talking about or what they are missing. I work in a stuffy office and wore many pairs during the fall and winter. Although some of my coworkers and superiors felt that my leg warmers were a tad too laid back or casual for the work place, I did not give it much thought because they are my favorite cold weather accessory. No pair of pants or pantyhose will ever be as fun or comfortable as leg warmers are. They are incredibly cute and long overdue for a comeback.

Help me out won't you? Wear a pair around your office this winter so that I can say it has become trendy again. It would be funny to see how quickly my coworkers came around once they heard that magic little word trendy. You can convince anyone of anything. Fashion and trends I think go at the top of this list. Most of the new fashions I see in magazines look ridiculous. If fashion designers and magazine makers can convince the unknowing public that these crazy clothes are fashionable, we should be able to convince my boss that leg warmers are cool if we band together.