Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

Not everyone is meant to be on the fairway. I am one of those individuals who fairs better in the lounge than on the course. Learning to play golf was never on my list of things that I would love to accomplish. However, being married to an avid golfer nudged me in the direction of the greens.

My husband has no idea why learning to play golf is such an unappealing task for me. I am Scottish which makes him seem to think that the sport is in my blood. Nothing is further from the truth. I avoid learning to play golf at all cost. Even when I am part of an outing event I still stay away from the clubs.

The annual golf outing for Rumor’s Bar and Grill falls in the month of May. I use the event to raise money for autism research. The owner of Rumor’s is great. His favorite cook on staff is a young autistic man who really knows his way around the kitchen. I mentioned that I wanted to get out of learning to play golf even though I signed up to play.

Fortunately, the person who runs the annual event came up with a great idea that would require a selfless person to give up her spot on the greens to raise money for autism research. I got out of learning to play golf but I did get stuck sitting in a golf cart for eight hours. Believe me, it was worth it.

My job was to collect money for a drawing for a Big Bertha club that they were giving away for our cause. Part of the drawing involved the person’s ability to hit the ball closest to the flag on the 18th hole. Individuals who got closer received more tickets for the drawing. Learning to play golf would not have been nearly as much fun as watching everyone try to get a hole in one.

Actually, it was really boring but the entire sport is boring to me all the way around. That is until my husband showed up wearing a kilt. He looked hilarious and it really made my day. He said that he would wear the crazy outfit again if I would take some golf lessons. Learning to play golf did seem a little more appealing after all. If was willing to dress for the event I should at least give it a try.