Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

A lot of people think that learning Japanese online will make things so much easier for them. They will not, after all, have to sit through Japanese classes to learn Japanese online. There are literally tons of Japanese online courses, as well as online Japanese software.

But the fact of the matter is that you get what you give, as they say. If you try to learn Japanese online without a classroom environment, or even a native speaker to talk to, you are unlikely to succeed. You will put very little time into your effort to learn Japanese online, but that time will be rewarded by almost nothing. Although online Japanese learning can be a tool to help you with the language, without the aid of a classroom, you are very unlikely to get very far.

This is not to say that all of the learn Japanese online stuff out there is without any merit. On the contrary, there is a lot of Japanese online software that is very good for some things.

For example, you can study Japanese grammar online, study the Japanese alphabet, or learn some common Japanese phrases.

The problem is that when you learn Japanese online, you will have no practice at all speaking it. To get good of a language, you need to know how to pronounce it, obviously. There are a lot of good ways to do this, such as studying Japanese abroad, but learning online Japanese is not one of them.

I suggest that you take the time that you would have set aside to learn Japanese online, and find a conversation partner and an informal Japanese class. You can take one at the local junior college, or even at a community center if you live in a neighborhood that has a heavy Japanese population.

That way, you will be able to interact with other Japanese students, and help each other along instead of just working at home by yourself. This really is a much better way to go about learning the language, if you ask me. I know! I tried, I struggled, I did all I could to learn Japanese online.

But in the end, I failed. It is just simply impossible, and the only reason that there are still Japanese online learning programs,is because there is so much money to be made. Do not give into these moneymaking schemes. Learn Japanese in a class!