Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

Laundry hamper

My laundry hamper is always overflowing. I can do laundry two times a week and I swear that the other dirty clothes breed when I walk away. The majority of the dirty clothes in the laundry hamper belong to my husband. I am forever wondering how many outfits he can wear throughout the course of a single day. I think he goes through three pairs of socks in a 24-hour period. It drives me nuts.

I have decided that we need a larger laundry hamper or else an additional one. And so, having made this decision, I headed for our local linens store. I wanted something that would not take away from the décor of our room and possibly match our stylish one that we currently have. However, if we added another laundry hamper to our room, it would not be as concealed as having only one.

As I walked through the aisles of the store in search of the perfect laundry hamper that would accommodate all of our needs; I realized just how many types of hampers are in existence.

It is almost ridiculous at the choices you have nowadays. The price range of these laundry hampers is ridiculous as well. I found a laundry hamper for almost $200. Why in the world would someone spend $200 on something that you put smelly, dirty clothes into? That definitely was not something that I had on my shopping list. I could only imagine telling my husband how much money I'd spent on a laundry hamper. He'd have a field day with that one.

My dilemma then became whether or not I wanted a laundry hamper that was divided up to sort the clothes or one that had a lid. I had owned a laundry hamper that had a lid before and it was rather annoying. I couldn't imagine my husband giving up his game of throwing his clothes from across the room to see if he could make a basket.

So, that image in my mind, I rejected the laundry hamper with a lid. I spent a few moments looking over the hampers that encouraged the sorting of clothing. I wasn't sure he'd enjoy that either. What's the fun in throwing your clothes across the room to make it into the hamper and then having to take it back out to organize it into the proper color group. He wouldn't enjoy that either. I picked out a traditional laundry hamper that had more room and would match the décor of our bedroom.

My husband would be thrilled that he could continue to toss his clothes at it before crawling into bed. I just hoped that I wouldn't have two laundry hampers overflowing now.