Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

I have always found the field of landscaping to be one of the most exciting ones that exist. You see, I am a career counselor, but I've not gotten to this position in the usual way. I have tried almost everything, which makes me uniquely qualified to advise people on their possible future careers. All of the choices that are available to your average folk, I think landscaping jobs one of the best of them. You see, landscape jobs pose several advantages over most blue collar occupations. For one thing, landscaping jobs offer fairly high initial pay. Although the pay is not great, it is better than almost anything that you can get with no formal education. If you are physically capable of doing the heavy lifting, and are good at putting things together, you can turn a landscaping job into a landscaping career with ease.

Another great thing about landscaping jobs is that they provide people who have trouble in traditional educational institutions with a way to make a life for themselves. In landscaping jobs, especially if you are working for a small contractor or are self-employed, it is not how good you look on paper that matters most of the time, but whether or not you can get the job done. If you have good skills and good landscaping ideas, you have all that you need. Combine these with rudimentary interpersonal skills, and you will be able to sell yourself to almost any client. After all, people with the money to hire landscapers love to have their yards look good. If you have good landscape ideas and have the ability to implement them, people will be willing to pay you a small fortune to do landscaping jobs around the house.

Of course, landscaping jobs do have their drawbacks. There is a pretty high risk of injury, and almost none of the landscaping jobs have adequate job security if you are injured. After all, you are usually required to work as an independent contractor, which means that you assume your own risk.

If you happen to be hurt well on the landscaping job, you are basically out of luck unless you have a great support system. Also, because landscaping jobs are at will, if you do not get along with your boss there is very little you can do. You could be fired for almost nothing, even if you did nothing wrong. In spite of all this, I think that landscaping jobs can be a great option for many people, as long as they are motivated self-starters.