Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

What's childhood without a swing? If you're thinking of getting the kids swings, there are a few things you should know before going shopping. Kids swings should be safe, fun and durable too.

Of course, safety is number one. What fun is a swing set that leaves your kids scraped, bruised, or pinched? Each type of swing has it's pros and cons. Here are some general tips that apply to all kids swings.

o Be sure edges are rounded, bolts recessed, and there are no metal parts close to the child's tender skin. Hot metal burns! The chains holding the seats up should be rubber or plastic coated, so fingers can't be pinched.

o If you have a very young child, make sure the swing is adjustable, so it can grow with your child. Toddler swing seats should be close to the ground. Be sure your child can easily reach the seat and have enough room to have his or her legs just barely touch the ground.

o Check to be sure the swing you choose contains no CCA. This chemical is commonly used in kids swings, and may cause life- threatening side effects in certain people, so be sure to avoid any products with CCA in it.

Your main choices of material are metal, wood and plastic.

Metal swings are durable, but if you opt for metal, consider these points before buying. Be sure your swing is guaranteed rust proof, or is painted in durable enamel. You can always paint the swing in kid-fun colors too. A poor quality metal swing can rust within one year.

With repeated use, screws and bolts can loosen or become corroded. Look for quality hardware, and periodically check them for safety.

Wooden swings are beautiful, and quality is especially important. A poor quality may splinter and poke little arms and elbows. Redwood, well sanded and oiled is a good choice. Look for rounded edges. Painted or varathaned woods are not as weatherproof.

Plastic is another choice in kids swing materials. Many people like these. The down side of plastic is lack of durability. They are lightweight and can blow over in a stiff wind or be overturned by kids roughhousing. Plastic swings are also more vulnerable to cracks and breaks.

Once you've chosen the material you like best, it's time to shop. Don't be surprised if the kids steer you to the ultimate kids swing package. That's the one with an attached slide, monkey bars (with railings, of course) and sandbox! C'mon, you were a kid once too!