Ramakant (@ramakant)
5 months ago

When we buy Indian sweets and snacks online, we often forget about the delicious baked items. So, this time we are going to make you remember how sumptuous and must-adds some of the baked products are. You will add them to the cart when you shop next time!

What are Baked Products?

When a particular food product is made with the use of batter or dough and then baked completely, it comes under the category of baked products. Indian baked items especially are so delicious that you would want them in your house at all times, especially during the evening tea.

Benefits of Baked Products

In comparison to all the oily snacks that we like too much on, baked goods prove to be better owing to the method with which they are prepared.

Low Fat Level – Baked goods are low in fat content as a minimum amount of oil is required to start the process of baking. As baking is always done in a closed environment, there is no loss of heat. This heat helps in burning the natural fat present inside the food, making it a healthy option.

Rich in Nutrients – Vitamins and minerals are water-soluble that can get lost in the process of boiling as they get stuck to the water. On the other hand, baking uses dry heat that prevents all these minerals and vitamins from getting lost in the process. The baking method preserves different vitamins like A, D, E, and K that are often lost during frying.

Weight Management – Most of the people today are weight watchers. When you eat a deep-fried meal, oil gets completely absorbed into it. That meal is high in both calories and fat. On the other hand, baking does not require a lot of oil and releases natural fat of its own.

Increased Appetite and Visual Appeal – Food appearance affects a person’s appetite. If a food product can stimulate your senses, you feel like eating it more than the others. Baked products are appealing to your mouth and eyes.

Different Kinds of Baked Products

Rusk – The perfect tea snack, rusk can be found in every Indian household and has a peculiarly yummy flavor. As rusk is completely dry and crisp, it has become a staple choice. There are different rusks available like original, milk, and elaichi.

Dry Cakes – Cakes are not just for birthdays; they are for munching as well! Different kinds of dry cakes are found to be loved by people who want something to eat with their tea or milk. Dry cakes like dates, carrot, cherry & nut, and black raisin flavors are available to keep you hooked on the food.

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