Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

I am one of those individuals that were never really any good at saving. You know how this can be; especially when you're young. Chances are you always want something new. The heck with investing my money or sticking it in some savings account. I wanted to spend, spend, spend. To be totally honest, nothing has really changed as far as that desire goes. However, I have slowed down the whole spending craze. As we all know, once you hit adulthood, reality starts to settle in. By this time you have bills and credit card debt to grapple with. The last thing you should be thinking about doing is blowing your cash on some lame new toy or gadget.

There is a trick to investing. It's called will power. Okay, that may just be my personal take on the concept, but I would imagine some folks agree with me. They even make commercials regarding this very issue. I recall one that depicted a woman standing in her kitchen and watching television.

An ad came on and revealed something she wanted to purchase. She immediately turned to her freezer and pulled out a block of ice. Apparently her credit card was in the middle and she had to get it out to place an order. Then she gave up and put the card back. I wouldn't be surprised if some folks go to these lengths to prevent their credit card charging. It's not a terrible idea.

I know I should focus more on investing my money, and not spending it on lattes and food products. This is probably my greatest weakness. I love to eat and I love to drink java even more. The plus side is I have a super fast metabolism. The down-side concerns wasted income. We all waste too much money on daily routines such as grabbing a burger, when we really could have simply packed lunch. Or maybe we'll get a frappuccino, when we could have just made a cup of coffee ourselves.

Although it is difficult at times, I must remain adamant about investing my money. You should do the same. Don't fall victim to that fast food craving or that cool new gadget on television. Put that extra cash away in a savings account for the future. Or, you could test the stock waters. I began investing my money in some stocks a couple years back and it's panned out rather well. Just don't spend, spend, spend.