Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

There seems to be many trends in home decoration. Over the past few years that trend seems to be towards many creature comforts. The trend is also towards very large homes. My sister and her husband build large homes, live in them for a few years and then sell them for a profit and build another one. They have been doing this for over thirty years. She has lived in fifteen new homes. Each home is bigger that the last with additional amenities. I have noticed that they no longer put in the indoor hot tub, which was so popular a few years ago. I asked her about this. She said that they have found that the indoor hot tub requires a great deal of maintenance that people do not want to have to do.

They have now switched to putting in the large bath tubs in the bathrooms. The whirlpool tubs are drained each time so there are not the chemicals to mix to keep the water at a healthy level, also they do have the heaters, which can get expensive to run due to the high amount of electricity required. Many people have found that the health risks of the hot tubs are not something that they want in their homes. Not only is there the chemical balances of the water, but there is also the issue of mold accumulating around the area of the indoor hot tub. The mold occurs because of the constant damp warm water. The mold will form on the woodwork in the room where the tub is as well as around the flooring. The mold not only leads to structural damage, but also affects the quality of the air in the room.

My sister and her husband have found that for the purpose of resale value of their homes they will put in the whirlpool tubs or an oversized deep bathtub. This allows people the benefit of soaking in hot water, but they also drain the water so that bacteria and mold will not form. They usually install an extra water heater to allow for the large amounts of water that is used. She said the cost of the water heater is quickly recouped when you weigh the amount of money that is needed on chemicals and heater costs for the indoor hot tub.

They just sold there present house. They have five bedrooms five bathrooms three living rooms and a home office as well as two dining areas. She said that a retired couple bought it. I cannot believe that people want to have that much house to take care of.