Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

My husband and I are fortunate to be at the stage in our careers where we can take time off during the week when we want. We both have a great deal of vacation time coming and we budget in a fair amount of money each month for entertainment costs. We like to take trips to various areas of the state and stay over night in hotels. We have found that if we do this during the week we get great hotel deals and we do not have to tend with the crowds.

This year we have started to attend different festivals that are in the surrounding areas. Most festivals start on Fridays. We have found that if we stay overnight on Thursday night and attend the festivals early in the day on Fridays we do not have large crowds to deal with and we get better hotel deals. We arrive home late on Friday nights, but then we have the weekend to get things done around home and to rest prior to going back to work on Mondays.

When there is not a festival or event of interest going on we pick an area that we have never visited before or one of our favorite areas and call to see what kind of hotel deals we can get. Often hotels are willing to give you a price break if you are booking a room for more than one night. We also found that you can get great hotel deals at area casinos. We are not huge gamblers, but there are often great restaurants at the casinos and also activities that are going on in the surrounding communities. The rates at the casino hotels during the week are less than half the cost than during the weekend. Many casinos also include golf or gaming packages with the hotel deals.

Two weeks ago we invited our neighbors to take a mid week trip with us. They are retired so taking time off was not an issue. They had never visited the river bluff area of the state. We left early on a Thursday morning and took our time driving the four hours to our destination. We stopped at shops that looked interesting and also had lunch along the way. We arrived at the hotel in the late afternoon. We checked in and asked the clerk for a recommendation for dinner as well as what we should see in the area during our visit. She gave us some great tips of where to go and what to see. Along with mid week hotel deals you also get staff members that are less stressed and more friendly.