Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

I am a meal on the go kind of person. I try to stay on a high protein, low sugar diet. To this end, I usually have a supply of protein shakes in the refrigerator for any time that I need a quick meal. Its getting cold outside and a cold meal sounds depressing. Cold mornings and cold breakfasts do not mix. I want something hot.

I thought that I was at a loss until the answer hit me. It was so simple that I felt like an idiot because I had not thought of it earlier. All I had to do was do a simple modification to my regular breakfast. So came to be the hot chocolate protein shake. Using the microwave, some whey protein, skim milk, and a little sugar-free chocolate syrup, I made a hot, healthy breakfast for those cold mornings. The hot chocolate protein shake tastes just like real thing and is a great way to treat yourself even when you are trying to eat healthy.

If you do not want cold cereal for breakfast or making oatmeal takes more time than you have, the hot chocolate protein shake is a great alternative. In many ways, the shake is very comforting. The warmth, smooth texture, and chocolate are all soothing and appreciated on a cold morning. You can take this breakfast to go and could even replace the milk with coffee if you want a breakfast with a buzz.

You can always skip the milk and use water if you wish. A great whey protein mix will break down well in most liquids and have a smooth texture. You can also use real hot chocolate mix if you wish. Using the skim milk and sugar-free chocolate syrup are ways to cut down on sugar, fat, and calories. If you are not dieting, you can go nuts with the hot chocolate protein shake and make it as sinful as you please. Either way, you are getting good protein which you help you stay fuller longer.

One of the best things about the hot chocolate protein shake is its affordability factor. You can buy enough whey protein to last you a month for about twenty bucks. A few gallons of milk and some chocolate syrup and you are good to go for weeks. You could eat a hot, healthy breakfast for a dollar a day. Where are you going to find a better deal than that?