Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

My mother in law truly loves horses. Her home is filled with decorations that revolve around equestrian themes. The items include statues, quilts and pictures. However, the most striking items in her collection are her horse rugs.

Every room in her home has one or two horse rugs in it. Some of these decorative items are absolutely beautiful. The horses are intricately painted or woven into the rugs. Some of the horse rugs are comical and cartoonish with catchy little phrases on them. She even hung a few on the wall.

They can be found just about everywhere in the home but she put one of her favorite horse rugs at the front door. She says that people rarely use their front door and the rug would probably never be used. I decided to test her on this theory. One day I came to visit and went around to the front door. It took several minutes before she answered the door.

Finally, she answered the door and welcomed me in with a surprised look on her face. I immediately looked down to see that she took the time to move the horse rug before she answered the door. After I came into the house, she closed the door and put the rug back in its usual spot.

One day I was talking with her and asked her why she had so many horse rugs. She said because they make her feel like she is close to her horse named Lunches. She said they reminded her of the barn she kept her horse in. She said there was a horse everywhere you looked and it is the same in her home.

I asked her why she named her horse Lunches. She said that when she was a little girl, she always wanted a horse. She was never allowed to have one because of money. She went on to say that she saved her lunch money from when she was young and put it away until she could afford a horse of her own and a place to keep it.

She then started working at a stable close to home. She was finally able to get a horse of her own. She named him Lunches to remind herself how hard it was to get him. The efforts that she put into buying the beloved animal are reflected in the various horse rugs in her home.