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6 months ago

Grand Rapids Michigan

The best cities are the ones that blend commerce and culture together and this is what has been achieved at Grand Rapids Michigan, on the banks of the Grand River. It's the second largest city in the state, next to Detroit and the last census revealed a population of almost 200,000 people. The area was first settled by Native Americans, who then lived peacefully alongside Europeans who arrived in the 19th century. These immigrants, many of whom were Dutch, were involved in the fur trade and there were missionaries too. It was formerly recognized as a city in 1850 and became successful in the lumber business and in the manufacture of furniture. Its nickname is still the furniture city, as furniture continues to be economically important as well as automobile manufacture.

The city has evolved into a modern, forward looking center. There are several colleges and universities and it has become a center for health research establishments. The airport was the first in the country to operate a scheduled passenger airline, with flights to Detroit. Grand Rapids Michigan also has the DeVos Place Convention Center. Its citizens are traditionally Republican voters but have occasionally supported the Democrats. They were once represented by Gerald Ford and there is a museum in his name that houses the ex-President's library.

Sport is another aspect of city life. The Van Andel Arena is the home venue for the Griffins Ice Hockey team and for the Rampage Arena Football team. Concerts are organized there too. Fans can follow their team's fortunes on the local radio stations, of which there are several. Just about every musical taste is catered for, with stations playing jazz, rock and country. There are also Christian stations and talk shows.

The cultural life of the city has not been neglected. There is an annual arts festival with live shows and art exhibits. Another highlight is the Celebration on the Grand, which features more live entertainment and a fireworks display. There is a large permanent art collection, which belongs to the City Museum and a Sculpture Park, which also contains a botanical garden. The Public Museum of Grand Rapids shows the history of the area. Children of Grand Rapids Michigan love to go to the John Bull Park, where there is a zoo and playgrounds. There really is something for everyone here, whether you're into the arts, natural history, further education or sport. Grand Rapids Michigan will no doubt continue to develop.