Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

Election season is upon us once again and there seem to be more big issues than ever. Whether you are concerned about health care, education, global politics or the economy, there is a reason for every American to get to the poles. I know a lot of people who do not think that voting matters. Most of these people believe that the government does not affect them personally. I think this is a very erroneous stance.

One issue that affects every single person is the economy. The strength of the job market and the real estate market influences all of our lives. If you boil down social concerns to a very simplified level, we can all admit that gasoline prices affect us all. If gasoline prices rise or fall, every consumer can see the effects. When it rises, we all watch helplessly as expenses go up. Even if you do not own a car or drive very often, rising gasoline prices will mean an increase on how much you pay for goods and services.

Everything that you buy at a store or online comes to you on some sort of vehicle. When gasoline prices go up the transportation companies’ costs go up and they have to make up those costs. They get that money back by charging the stores more for delivery and the store, in turn, makes that money back by charging you more for the goods. The service industries that drive to our homes have to recover their expenses on gasoline by charging customers more as well.

You may not be a political person. You may not even care about who is in control of this country but you are affected by how well the government does its job. If you believe that rising gasoline prices are a sign of a government that has some things to work on, then you have to understand that voting is your only real chance to say so. Tell your government that you are thrilled with how and what they are doing with your vote.

Even though we have seen gasoline prices fall a bit in the last month or so, even improved they remain at a level that is not acceptable. If someone does not do their job or do it well they get fired. Our government should not be any different. If you are in any way unhappy about the state of our American affairs, let those in charge know it by making sure that they are no longer in charge.