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5 months ago

French perfumes are among the most famous and sought after in the world today. When a man gives a woman a gift of perfume, French perfumes are the smart choice to endear himself to his beloved. What makes the French perfume so legendary?

The French are particularly adroit in the blending of essences, and this art requires people with special olfactory gifts of the nose. These rare people can discern minute variations in combinations of essences and are knowledgeable and up-to-date in modern chemistry and new discoveries. This specialized knowledge and talent is at the base of fine French perfumes.

Long a significant part of the French economy, French perfumes are distinguished by the complexity of their formulas, their sophisticated and heady fragrances a long-lasting gift of indulgence so appreciated by every woman. So desirable is this luxury product , the perfume industry has sailed through recessions with hardly a noticeable dip in sales.

With the unsurpassed flair of the French, packaging is also an important component in the overall marketing success of French perfumes. From the shape of the perfume bottle to the box holding the alluring product, no detail is overlooked. The packaging is designed to invite the potential buyer to take the next step and smell the contents. Once the nose perceives the absolute luxury and sensuality of the product, it's irresistible.

You may be surprised to know the French perfume market is not limited to women. In just the last decade or so, French perfume manufacturers have introduced fragrances for men and children as well. Industry experts say half of Frenchmen use fragrances, accounting for a significant share of the world market. The recent development of fragrances for children is rapidly developing into a booming market.

These fragrances for children are often a lighter, more delicate version of their grown-up counterparts, such as Dior's Tendre Poison and Givenchy's Fleur d'interdit, much lighter renditions of their namesakes, with a lighter price as well. Even the staid Guerlain has not resisted this lucrative market. Other less well-known French fragrance makers and clothing lines have jumped on the band wagon with inexpensive, but wildly popular colognes.

When shopping the French perfume market, it's important to remember that a fragrance will smell slightly different on each person. Many large department stores have samples free for the asking. You'll do well to collect several that strike your fancy, to take home and sample individually. If you douse yourself with several fragrances from tester bottles at the store, the resulting collage may gather some strange looks or set off someone's allergies in an elevator!

If you're looking for a very special gift, celebrating Valentine's Day, an anniversary, Mother's Day or Christmas, you simply can't go wrong with French perfumes!

Should you visit France, make a beeline to the airport duty-free shops' perfume aisles, where you can save so much you'll be able to buy three or four for the price you'd pay in the U.S.